Our first introduction to energy monitoring brings back memories of our parents frustrated reminders to – “close the fridge”, “turn off the lights” and of course “shut that door”.

How times have changed and energy costs are now such a major factor in our day to day lives, that few of us became aware until much later how such small actions can actually make an impact.

With our software partners Future Focus can provide some of the most advanced software monitoring solutions for our clients.



The data that has been collected from meters in the field is collated into useable and identifiable reports enabling users to both monitor and pro-actively introduce energy reduction strategies and targets.

These reports can be viewed on any web enabled device from PC, Tablet or Smartphone; enabling users to view their software on the move.

Locally Future Focus Energy can also provide energy dashboards. These dashboards can be installed by Future Focus in the reception or major accessed areas of premises to maintain awareness.


Sectors that have already benefitted from Future Focus Energy monitoring systems include:- 


This system is providing valuable visual energy data to both students and site managers to pro-actively encourage and engage in energy monitoring and reduction.

Local Authority

Assisting local government managers and officers to monitor and manage energy consumption in offices, workshops and public buildings, with the facility via energy dashboards to display ongoing energy reduction strategies.

Landlord/Facilities Management Companies

Using only validated data from MID certified and approved meters, Future Focus can provide remote accurate consumption information to enable correct tenant re-charging, without the need for local site visits at the same time, on the same day each month.


Providing accurate data to enable proactive energy reduction policies to be implemented with focussed energy reduction targets.