Netthings Transmitter Mounting Remote Display

Code for Sustainable Homes


Under section ENE3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, a maximum of 2 credits (2.34 points) can be attained by providing occupants with local graphical representation of their Electricity and Primary Heating Fuel

Future Focus can provide customers some of the most intuitive and flexible solutions, allowing real time monitoring using WIFI to display the energy consumptions through highly intuitive user interfaces.

With the ability to collect data via pulses or current transformers from the local utility meters, or supplies, this means, Electricity, Gas, Water, Heat/Cooling or renewable services on site can be monitored. The on board software is clear, intuitive and easy to understand. Its self-learning software automatically creates profiles of daily use and once it learns how the energy is being consumed, alerts can be sent when averages are exceeded.

Easy to install in new build or retrofitting into existing sites. Future Focus can supply and ship this product directly to you, or should you require installation and set up by our qualified engineers, we are able to discuss each application with you to ensure the correct solution is provided.


 Full ENE3_2010 Issue - Download PDF

 Netthings Energy Manager Product Data Sheet - Energy Display - Download PDF

 Netthings Click 123 - Download PDF

 Netthings Energy Manager - Download PDF